Sports Floor

Sprung floor systems deliver a premium sports playing surface whilst minimising associated injuries to create the perfect environment for sporting enjoyment. As well as the ideal solution for most indoor sports flooring they are extremely durable, have a long life and, depending on the choice of surface finish, can be easy to maintain and suited to social and educational events.

  • The benefits of using our sprung gym flooring system are:
  • Reduces risk of injury and premature fatigue
  • Suited to both sport and non-sport activities
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for overlaying on existing surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly

We apply court marking and line marking for all your sports requirements on vinyl floors. We can mark all courts you require as part of your floor refurbish or we can apply court markings to new vinyl floors.

It is important to ensure the vinyl surface is properly prepared to ensure the court markings adhere properly and ensure all line markings are durable. With vinyl floors it is essential to use a court marking paint compatible with the flexible surface already on the floor and one which minimises bleed for example on wood effect vinyl floors.

We use special court marking equipment and templates to ensure all court markings are to the current regulations and within line marking tolerances.

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