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IPAUL offer the sports PVC floor for sport center application. We can make different pattern, Sport PVC floor have different types for different application.

The professional PVC sports floor has excellent and stable ball resilience, and its surface energy would moderately deformed when it is impacted, like a sealed mattress with air inside. When it is wrestling or slipping, the closed foam back layer provide cushion to achieve minimum sports injuries.

Athletes absorb vibration during exercise and return exercise energy to improve exercise performance.


IPUAL professional PVC sports flooring

  • Glass fiber reinforced layer
  • Glass fiber grid stabilization layer
  • UV surface anti-fouling and wear-resistant treatment


IPUAL Sports Floor provides professional, comfortable and safe flooring.

The product is suitable for: badminton courts, table tennis courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, handball courts, multi-sport competition courts and gymnasiums, kindergartens, dance floor-specific floors, shopping malls, schools, and office buildings.


Total thickness EN428 3.0 mm~4.5 mm
Thickness of wear layer EN429 0.7 mm~1.2 mm
Length 15~20 m
Width 1.5~1.8 m
Weight 2.8~3.8 kg/sqm
Norm/Product specification EN649 GB/T 11982.1-2005
Fire rating EN 13 501-1 Bfl-s1
Fire rating GB 8624-2012 b1(B-s1,t0)
Toxic testing GB 18586-2001 Pass
RoHS EN71-3 Pass
Slip resistance wet DIN 51 130 R9
Abrasion resistance EN 660.2 ≤2.0mm
Abrasion group EN 649 T (group)³
Dimensional stability EN 434 ≤0.4%
Residual indentation EN 433 0.02mm
Thermal conductivity EN 12 524 0.25W/ (m.K)
Color fastness EN 20 105 – B02 ≥ 7 degree
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat (horizontal) GB/T 11982.1-2005 0.07mm
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat (vertical) GB/T 11982.1-2005 0.19mm
Peel strength (horizontal) GB/T 11982.1-2005 92.99N/50mm
Peel strength (vertical) GB/T 11982.1-2005 90.23N/50mm
TVOC TVOC* ISO 16000-9 Pass
Formaldehyde ISO 1600-9 : 2006 ND
Acetaldehyde ISO 1600-9 : 2006 ND


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