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The shell is similar to the anti-static steel access floor panel. But the inside of the shell is empty without cement. The bottom and top steel plate is perforated or some type of bottom will reinforced by rids. The perforated access floor panel is used the areas that need ventilation. It will be often used together with the steel anti-static access floor. The perforated rate will be from 17% to 50% according to the requirements of the application. The covering will be HPL, PVC or ceramic tile. Steel perforated panels is also called Air Flow panel because of many holes drilled through them. Perforated panels are of accurate size and thickness, interchangeable with steel access floor panels, wood core panels or calcium sulphate panels. Specially designed and well manufactured damper is also available for perforated panels.


  1. Made of steel plate, high mechanical strength, high loading capacity, good fire resistance.
  2. Interchangeable with wood core panel/calcium sulphate panel
  3. Provide superior cooling for managing heat loads in mission critical facilities

4, The ventilation rate will be 17%~45% and can satisfy different requirements of cleaning room.


Application area

Steel anti-static perforated access floor is often used in the cleaning factory of semi conductor, micro electrical chip, integrated circuit, communicated equipment, or areas that need ventilation for underfloor air conditioning system.

Technical Data:

No. Dimension Concentrated Load Ultimate Load Uniform Load Rolling Load
  mm Lb N Kg N N/m2 N Deflection Permanent deformation
PRT-STF662 600x600x35 (30) 662 2950 301 8850 12500 2255 ≤ 2mm ≤ 0.5mm
PRT-STF800 600x600x35 (40) 800 3550 363 10650 16500 2950 ≤ 2mm ≤ 0.5mm
PRT-STF1000 600x600x35 1000 4450 454 13350 23000 3560 ≤ 2mm ≤ 0.5mm
PRT-STF1250 600x600x50 1250 5560 567 16680 33000 4450 ≤ 2mm ≤ 0.5mm
PRT-STF1500 600x600x35 1500 6665 680 19995 39324 5560 ≤ 2mm ≤ 0.5mm
CICAS or BS standarad size panel Parete can provide the size 24”x24” (610x610mm) access floor panel
Floor covering HPL, PVC or Ceramic tile
Raised height Normally from 100mm to 1000mm, above 1000mm, it should be in special solution
Electrical resistance It will be 10^4 ~ 10^6 when use the PVC coverings
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